Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey, Sun.

Don't get too, too excited. We're supposed to pick up another cold snap next week. But here today right now it is 75 degrees on the screen porch. We're cloudless. The front yard is on the verge of requiring some work: the weeds are coming back, but at least for right now, even those are kind of beautiful. What we need is a trip to High Point for a truckload of mulch. What we need is some pruning, some weed-pulling. It's time to think about herbs. It is very nearly time to think about tomatoes. The WeatherDeck needs a good sweeping. The grass wants for a mow. The tulips are going crazy. So are the birds. Oh and yes, friends and fans of warmer weather: the mint is in.

Oh, the mint. My god I love the mint. The mint means soon enough somebody will lose their head and decide it's time to play bocce in the back yard. The mint means soon enough it will be time to do the Nobody Cares What Work We Have To Do For Tomorrow Let Us Instead Just Grill Everything In The Freezer thing that seems to happen in 27401-27408 around this time of year. The mint means we have survived, almost, and that May is coming, and that school is nearly out, and a kind of sanity may begin to creep back in around the edges. The mint means it is time to plan the rest of the yard: Flowerbeds. Bell peppers. Okra. How to keep the mint from taking over.

The sun is out. The mint is in. Don't get too excited.

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