Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attic Fan.

Broken August continues unabated, with the humidity dipping low enough tonight for me to convince myself that a brief use of the attic fan might not be ridiculous. It's August. I'm running the fan. Yes, please.

In other Yes, Please news, all the fancies still want Fay to come this way. Our rainfall projections aren't showing up on the QPF yet — we won't see much of Fay until Thursday and Friday — but they're saying 4 inches for interior South Carolina. We're not that far from interior South Carolina. I still feel like something will happen and we won't get any of this, but a kid can hope, can't he? Come on Fay, come on Fay, come on Fay.

Cloud cover this afternoon in 27408 allowed for a little ancillary weeding and brush clearing here at the WeatherCenter, and the okra, over in the side yard by Phil, which I tried desperately to kill and ignore, not necessarily in that order, seems not to be dead at all, and in fact may yield an edible amount of okra by, oh, Thursday or Friday, so: For those of you just tuning in, I may get to eat fresh okra and watch it rain four inches.

Finally, friends and fans of weather, and of good music, might I direct your attention to WFUV's all-music channel, which streams via iTunes and the regular old interwebs out of WFUV/Fordham University/New York, New York? I only found it tonight, so I can only vouch for Sunday p.m. programming, but I'll be plenty happy to listen all week and report back. Keep it tuned here, then, and consider your attention directed.

The attic fan's on. The okra's coming in. It never rains any more, except that it really, really might. Let's not talk about it any more right now. Let's just do all the lucky things we can think of. Don't step on any cracks. Don't walk under any ladders. Cross all your fingers. Find your lucky socks. You know you have some. Go find those things and put them on and don't take them off until Friday.

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