Thursday, August 14, 2008

Burlington Royals.

There's a little something developing off to our west, but it's already showing signs of splitting south and north. Oh, that old song. Still, I wouldn't rule out getting rained on here in 27408, though it seems slightly more likely that I might get rained on 20 miles east and later on, at the final Thirsty Thursday of the Rookie League season for the 27215s. These lasts can only mean one thing, which is that reporting from 27244 is getting ready to resume. I'm not ready. I'm not ready. It doesn't matter. I stayed in my robe until lunchtime today, but lunchtime came anyway. Goddamned inexorable march of time.

Still: A summer ballgame is a summer ballgame, and what's a summer ballgame without a halfassed threat of rain? It's just hazy enough out there to make me believe it this time. Roll up your windows if you haven't. It probably won't rain, but it could.

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