Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It Rained.

It rained. Out of nowhere. Or out of the south and east, actually, which means that even though Fay didn't get here, Fay got here. It rained. It rained. It didn't rain on the whole city, but it sure as hell rained in 27408. It's still raining. Or drizzling, anyway. Spitting. I'm guessing a tenth. Maybe two. I haven't been outside yet. Still. It rained. More tomorrow, friends and fans of weather. Not more rain, probably, but perhaps more chat about the rain. About how it sounded on the roof. About how at first I couldn't figure out what that strange sound was. About how then I got it figured out. It rained, it rained, it rained.

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Kathryn Frances Walker said...

yeah, the cats were shocked too. they woke me up at some point, crying, wet, big ole WTF looks on their mugs.

the word verification that i must type to comment is HEMEFHYY, like "Doc said my blood was heme...fhyy... something or other." this is dumb i shall cease.