Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Off Season.

OK. There's certainly a lot of water back to our south and west, all associated with a front riding in from the Ozarks or thereabouts, but the forecast keeps shifting, such that we could (a) get very little or no rain at all, (b) get the half-inch the fancies seem to be settling on, or, friends and fans of weather, the always-elusive (c): If the general track of the moisture slides at all north, we could get better than an inch. That's what they want to give the good folks down east, but I'd happily take it right from them.

Sliding forecasts aside, though, almost everybody seems to agree on a gray day with temps holding in the low to mid-seventies, so what we can all but guarantee here at ANYLF is a bizarre late-season TLK winter. For those of you who don't recall what the standard procedure is for the TLK winter, a brief primer follows: You'll want to be drinking coffee late into the day, and you'll want to find some kind of cover out-of-doors so that you can sit out in the rain and read. A front porch might just do the trick. Failing that, open the windows, even though the humidity will make your books swell up like it's April.

It is the TLK winter in August. Unbelievable. I guess all it took was some righteous ANYLF August indignation to destroy the entire month. We broke August. First cool nights, and now this. Don't worry, sadists: It won't stay broken. We'll have ninety degrees back in no time. In the meantime, suck it up and enjoy a rare gray day.

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