Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh, Fay.

I feel responsible for this. I talked it up before the storm had even crossed Cuba. And it did make landfall this morning in Florida, and it may make landfall in Florida again later this week as it cuts a kind of question mark across the state from bottom-left to top-right, but that's not this morning's lament: This morning's lament is that Fay seems headed for Savannah, for Valdosta, for an extended stay in southern Georgia. A hard left turn of the sort our country desperately needs, but not of the sort our drought needs. All that water and mess still has to end up sending some kind of thunderstorm activity our way, but it'll be days later, and we probably won't be seeing anything at all like the 10ish inches of rain they could be picking up in certain zip codes in Georgia and South Carolina.

I did it. I talked about it too soon. FayWatch is still up and running, friends and fans of weather, but the cake's getting stale and the soda's going flat. Fay is not, as of this hour, headed for the Yadkin Valley. Fay is headed for Albany. For Dothan, Alabama. Y'all enjoy our storm down there. We'll just be up here watching it rain on the T and V.

Last night, I dreamed it was raining. The last time it rained for real and for real here — like a storm of, say, more than half an inch — was the third week of July.

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