Monday, January 5, 2009

Balmy Night.

The fancies want a good deal of rain tonight through the next couple of days. An inch, they say, surely. Maybe two. We shall see, I reckon. Big swing in temperature back toward freezing from here, which has been for the past 24 hours or so damn near 60, front-porch weather, fewer-layers weather, thinner-hats weather.

Moved the writing operation into the new outbuilding today. Pushpinned items to the walls. That'll count for something.

My dear friend and former student SPC has given me a whiskey glass. Etched scene of a big rig hauling a trailer through a desert full of cactus and windswept rock formations. This means a lot to me, I said. My whole whiskey glass collection is unmatched, I said. This fits right in, I said. I know, she said.

Too warm for January. Something's coming. Keep them sweaters near the top of the pile.

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