Thursday, January 8, 2009

Most Weathers.

We had some weathers yesterday. Most of them, even, I'd say. The storm pretty well tore itself apart through the morning, and by 2 pm we were sunny, warm, drive-around-town weathery. Return-the-old-cable-modem-with-the-windows-down-and-the-radio-on kind of weather. Blue sky, high thin clouds, the whole thing. And then there was the wind, so strong you had to lean into it to cross the yard. And then, of course, the thundersleet. If there wasn't any thunder here, there should have been: low, low bands of storm clouds racing west to east, dropping a tenth of an inch of sleet and rain right there at sunset— and it looked fiercer out east, where they may have had even a little bit more weather than we did.

This morning cranks itself up gray and cool and still, like it's hung over. Sun trying to push through. Patches of blue sky off to the west. Possibility of a few flurries or a sprinkle by midday. The NWS is already -- yep -- warning of some very cold weather for next week, and the ten-day gives us very low lows and a shot at snow. Ah, yes. January. I think I remember this.

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