Sunday, January 4, 2009

Morning, January.

So. And yeah. Let's go with a tenth the night of the first into the second, and let's add on another tenth so far today, and let's us make that two-tenths, if my math is right, for the shiny new year. ANYLF is going to go ahead with its 2008 figures for 1303 N Elam, which read as 39.15" for the year, giving us a 2.75" rainfall surplus. Various tabular data, these fancy governmental figures included, put our meant-to-have rainfall totals somewhat higher, up into the low-forty-inch range, but I have to point out that at least in the case of the fancy NOAA numbers, the data from which the tabular data is derived runs only to 2000, which does not take into account the droughts of the past several years, the most recent of which we have for the time being escaped, but keep an eye to the western sky, etc. Official ANYLF apology for the rainfall total comma series: sorry.

The rain gauge isn't sited yet, so that's on the docket for the ANYLF Late Morning Various Task Task Force, which is to say, time to bundle up, take the impatient dog to the front porch, eye a low spot in the liriope out there along the front walk, and jab that thing into the ground. It's currently sited on its side on a batch of leftover pansies carried over from the old place and waiting for a home somewhere on the southeast side of the house. They're a little rootbound this late in the year, but they'll still go, I bet. They just need a little almost-unseasonably-warm rain and they'll be just fine.

Today: mop the old house, mop the new one. It's chilly and gray out there. It's beautiful. Photographic evidence to begin to follow once I can find the camera, which is in either that box over there, or that one, maybe, by the lamp. The animals are starting to figure out the slick floors. So are the people. The birds are good here. You can hear the birds no problem. And the train. I do love to hear the train. It's been a week of desperate exhaustion and general disbelief and tiny, tiny electricity-based successes. I am not electrocuted. We're exactly halfway moved in. We have cooked a meal.

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