Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain, Rain.

Yep. First week in the house, first inch-plus rain. This was a rain. The back yard's a swamp. Damn lot warmer this morning -- mid-forties -- than it is now, which is to say, we're four degrees from ice fog or snow or sleet or oh hell I do not know but it is cold and wet and though I do in fact like this kind of weather quite a bit I would like here and now to say that if in the future we are going to do this let's us go on ahead and drop it by five or six degrees and have a foot of snow. OK? OK.

Cold. Fog. More rain coming. And warmer again before we're cold again. Yep. Carolina winter. I sat on the front porch tonight anyway. Took the dog out there with me. She was maybe not as thrilled as she could have been. Same same me. Great being in the new place. Hard being in the new place, too. But the rain gauge is set up. This is about the weather we should be having. This is about how things ought to be. It rained. It rained and rained. More coming. Sleep well, friends and fans of this sort of thing.

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