Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Snow.

So, OK, then.

We got about five inches up here on the hill at 709, starting around nine or ten last night. It's a dry, small-flaked snow, powdery and crisp and really something to see here as March comes in. In the park, it looked a lot more like six or eight inches. Don't know if the snow blew its way down into that bowl of land or if it just really did snow more down there—300 yards from here—but whichever, it's deeper there than here.

No real idea precisely how much precip to record—sorry, friends and fans of exactitude—but the fancy equipment here at ANYLF Spring Snow Headquarters got jammed:

This is kind of like when the anemometer gets blown off Mt. Washington. Don't be too terribly alarmed: We've got interns checking the PTI data and also checking the snow-to-rain conversion rates, and we'll have something shortly, I imagine. For now:

So. OK. Here at the brand-new WeatherCenter, it goes like this: We're melting off in the sun, and it'll be in the sixties by the end of the week. The streets look to be in good shape, but if it were my caution to exercise, that's what I'd be doing. Supposed to be 13 tonight. Basement's flooding every few hours from the big rain yesterday and whatever snowmelt situation is ongoing. There's probably water in the outbuilding, but there was water between the big house and the little house yesterday, which made exploratory missions inadviseable, and there wasn't/isn't anything I could do about it regardless, and a pretty comprehensive reno looms on that little shed's horizon, anyway, so we'll leave all that for now unexplored. What matters: It snowed, it snowed. Unto us a snow day is given. That, and some bookshelves. They're done. It snowed, and the books are out of their boxes. Those two things right there are two good things.

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