Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ten, One.

Half an inch. It's a bad guess, but I've got officials of both the Canadian and American Weatherazzi on my side. Try out a little rain-to-snow or snow-to-rain conversion on the Google and you'll see that there can be quite a debate about this, but that short of melting whatever fell in your wheelbarrow and then measuring that, there's damn little consensus. I didn't have anything turned upright but the rain gauge, and it got its little hat of snow early on, apparently, which leaves me with the old 10:1 in x degree range, which we were, so. Surely this offends the purer of the weather gods, but perhaps we've always worshipped at the altar of the coarser ones, anyway. That look like sleet to you? I dunno. Well, maybe. Hang on. Yep. That's how it sometimes goes here at ANYLF's Southeastern Winter Weather Festival of Halfassed Instrumentation and Recording Methodologies. We didn't ever promise anybody anything other than our best, which is sometimes about as good as this.

The five inches of snow, by the by, were an ANYLF record, though we've only been at this two winters.

They want nearly 75 for the weekend. We've gone from needing the St. Bernard with the barrel of brandy around its neck to needing whatever dog it is that brings you beers and limes. For now: It's, ah, cold as ice out there. It's willing to sacrifice our love. But things will get better. Just wait for the rescue dog.

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