Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Snow?

And I'm only asking because I can't quite believe it, because even as the NOAA fancies promise it to us, and even as a quick check out the back shows ice on the trees, and a quick moment on the front porch says the sound of the raindrops hitting the ground has changed since this morning, has become something fatter, heavier, I just cannot quite say for sure that I believe in my heart of hearts we are going to have delivered unto us three to seven inches of snow by tomorrow morning.

To recap: I sat on the porch with the dog Thursday afternoon awaiting our houseguests. I wore shirtsleeves. We all of us had breakfast Friday morning on the table out back. It is going to be 68 next Saturday. Right now, though, it is just a hair over 32 degrees and it is pouring and it has been all day and it has been working itself up to this since give or take midday Friday when it just sort of started to cool off and friends and fans of weather I swear to you it smells and feels like snow and ice out there and there are icicles on the back deck railing and the radar is full from corner to corner and yet even with all of that I still cannot quite drag myself into the place of belief.

Everybody who's anybody is saying it's going to happen. Keep it here at ANYLF, though. We're not saying it's going to happen. All we're doing is hoping and trying to turn all the lucky trinkets lucky-side-up. But if and when it does happen, we'll perhaps have maybe one or two more things to say about it. So. Etcetera.

Either way, this is some weather.

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sarah said...

holy mother. this is bread-buying weather.
will your eskimo dog be on display in its natural habitat?
if we get more than two inches i'm staging an epic hike north. i'll be needing to see the park in white, the creek partly frozen.