Sunday, March 29, 2009

Morning, Sunshine.

We did not get the storms they promised, but we did get a band of thunderless showers through here in the wee hours, bringing our storm total to more than an inch and a half, and taking us over six inches for the month. The smart money says we'll be delisted from the droughtometer when this week's numbers get released.

It is give or take 65 degrees and sunny and windy here on the WeatherPorch, and there's a warmth in the wind, and so if you were looking for a day you could call perfect, this would be damn near it, at least so far. I've got this feeling we'll cool off a bit through the afternoon, though, on our way into the low forties/upper thirties tonight. You don't get days like this for free.

The finches came through fine.

Little of any of that matters, though, friends and fans of the entirely astonishing, as much as the following furtively-taken by-me this-morning photograph of a house around the corner from ANYLF Global WeatherWatch HQ:

Dear sweet grown-up patriotic open-minded Jesus in the front yard, do I love this.

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Kathryn Frances Walker said...

i too love dear sweet open-minded Jesus. it has been a while since i caught up on the local forecast. excellent.