Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain Redux.

Here's how it rains in 27401 these days: Rarely, but all at once. Or maybe this is how it rains everywhere, and how it always has. But these days of set-in rain feel unfamiliar somehow, feel out of place. What I remember of March: It finds ways to hold spring off one more day, one more week. Last year, a late hard cold snap. This year, these rains. We're warming, though: Today's rain is up from the south. Yesterday's was out of the west.

We're over five inches for the month, well and well past what we were owed. No sense complaining. Come August we'll have needed every bit of this. And more coming: Storms Saturday night into Sunday morning. Getting to be time, friends and fans of thunder and lightning, to start recalibrating— there's a whole new sky over here at 709. I knew where to look and how to listen over there at 1303. Don't really know much of anything over here, yet, except where the cardinal directions lie.

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