Monday, September 29, 2008

Maritime Fog.

Drove Saturday to 21224 and back again yesterday to 27408 and am feeling general malaise lag and rental car lag and all of the other kinds of lag you can get without crossing time zones. Oh, Baltimore. I ain't never really seen it rain like it did up there Saturday afternoon and again Sunday afternoon, which was something more North Atlantic than Mid-Atlantic, but so be it. They're give or take on the ocean, and the remnants of the subtropical storm that was the subtropical storm before this subtropical storm (Laura's got herself a name, friends and fans of subtropical storms) was coming through in ragged pieces such that it would pour for five or ten minutes, and then the sun would break through, and then it would pour again. Very London, if London was ungodly humid, which it never seemed to be when I was there, at least not in that late-September Baltimore way. Oh, Baltimore, Randy Newman sings. Man it's hard/just to live. I was in a grocery store early Sunday morning and those people seemed to have hold of a kind of misery that was maybe specific to grocery stores in the early morning and not to Baltimore, but still: There are places in that city that seem more than a little jagged around the edges.

Our Unnamed Subtropical Storm put down an inch and a quarter here on Friday and Saturday. It also left us with a serious fog coming back in last night, a fog a little like the fog they were having further north, such that I ended up feeling like there might be a general fog in the wake of the UST, that it had dropped a kind of remnant of summer down in our fall, and there wasn't much of anywhere for it to go except up towards the sodium lamps and the low branches here and everywhere else. I do love a good fog. I'm fairly sure I'm in one.

Sunny and warm this morning and that lower and lower light as we aim out of the equinox and toward the other solstice. Dog shedding like she never has before. Don't know what kind of harbinger that is. I got to wear one of my stupid skullcaps last Friday. If all goes well and the oceans don't rise, I'll get to wear one again this week. Come on, weather of hats and coats.

September's been spotty, friends and fans of weather. I'll do better in October. We're half an inch short on rainfall. I blame myself. I got busy. Took the weather for granted. Started to act like it would come every day whether I mentioned it or not. So: We've got a little tiny outside shot at a storm tomorrow. Maybe we'll get that half-inch. Go out on a bright shiny note. Cool weather in and on the forecast for the late week. Genuinely cool. Truck-to-school cool. We shall see. We shall see. We shall see.

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