Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Storm?

Tonight could well be the last thunderstorm for the season, or the last serious storm, or the last something. We've got sixties and forties on the back side of this, and we've got October on the back side of this, too, and even though we do in fact see thundersnow here when occasionally it snows, and even though we had thunderstorms last Thanksgiving, the notion still remains that if our fall somehow looked like actual historical fall, this could have been it. Probably we'll see another one or three. Probably. But still. I'm just saying.

And it was a good one, a pretty one, a lot of cloud-to-cloud and enough cloud-to-ground to get the dog up on the sofa during dinner, smashing herself against AMR in the fervent hope that all would be well, which is the same theory by which I smash my own self against AMR, and it's worked out well enough for the both of us, so. A little more coming our way from the west, and from the sounds of things out east once more the folks Burlington- and Raleigh-ward are getting the worst and best of it, and all I can say is that I love the low rumble of storms off to either side of us, would by and large take that sound over almost any other. A good night to sleep, to sit, to pace the hallway wondering how in hell you'll make your Friday deadline in NYC when the goddamn novel is suddenly due. This is not a malady against which I'm allowed to admit complaint, but still: The next 40ish hours are going to land me on the busy and frantic side of things. Been a long time since I had anything due. Part of me likes the pressure. The other part of me wants to take the dog to the mountains right now and drink coffee and scotch and hike and ignore it all.

Y'all crack your windows out there. Open the blinds and cut the lights off and enjoy the lightning. We'll get this again, surely, but it might not be for a while. Enjoy it while it's here. It's possible we got or will get our half inch. More on that tomorrow. Keep it tuned here, friends and fans of rainfall totals. Keep it tuned here.

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