Thursday, September 4, 2008

Right Hot.

Fall's coming, I guess, but we're getting one last terrific example of summer. Hasn't rained in a week. Hot as hell. I'm all but sure the shed leaks now, and even so, I'm ready for rain. The drive to 27244 is back as a regular part of my day, and so too are the dead geese, dogs, cats, raccoons, possums, hawks and crows, all run over, all rotting and cooking and bloating off into ruin. What an odd drive 70 can be. No odder than a room full of twenty kids wanting something, but odd all the same.

Hannah looks like she may slide by. Ike's something else altogether. Y'all keep an eye to the Floridian Atlantic coast. That thing's headed there, and then it may eventually be headed here. The weather's coming. One way or the other, I think we can be sure of that.

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