Saturday, September 13, 2008

Missed Days.

Weather update, live from 27408: two cool gray days gave over to something like a warm sponge yesterday, and today we've got what looks like summer back and set in and sunny and hot. Down in Texas they've got the ocean in their living rooms. Here we're tearing out the shed bathroom, the last work left from Fay. New floor, new everything. Yesterday we got the PTA newsletter, intended for Blue-Tick Beagle Paul across the street. Today we prime and paint the new floor.

My apologies, weatherheads. I missed two good chances to tell you how gray it was. Now all I can tell you is how much I miss the gray, how ready I am for the sort of weather we've got cooked up today to be something I miss, too. Back outside to do what I can do to make the floor work like a floor, the toilet work like it's meant to, too.

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