Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nasty Storm.

The weather's turned gloriously, deliriously nasty, and it would be so, so fine with me, except for the wee shed and roof situations, but what I'm trying to do is buckle in and enjoy it all regardless. We're not forecast to get anything like the amount of rain we got with Fay, and we handled Hannah OK post-Fay and post-roof tarp, so let's just us all say how dry the renovated shed is going stay all night, how dry our dining room ceiling will be when we wake up tomorrow morning.

Comes at the end of this entry, courtesy of JBW and the good folks at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS), a wee video of our nameless subtropical cyclone, which seems by all accounts to be coming right for us. That coastline you can see there is the SC/NC coastline. That direction you can see it headed in there is usward.

Should be a windy, raw night, friends and fans of weather. Should be a good one. Maybe it's nice to be nervous about the weather. Maybe it's healthy. We're under a wind advisory until 9 p.m. We'll probably get a shiny new one after that. They're not quite warning about flooding just yet, but it feels like they want to. So: Pull on a hat. Find you something to sip on. Crack the door open. Check the shed 10,000 times. Don't have a shed? Come on over here to the ANYLF Unnamed Subtropical Cyclone Southeastern Regional Field Office and check mine.

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