Friday, September 26, 2008

Subtropical Storm.

It appears as though our storm has pulled on west beneath us, oddly, and is spinning right along the state line between NC and SC near, I guess, Gastonia. Good hard rain most of the day today. An inch or so. Lots of wind. We may get the back half of it up out of the south later on, so maybe don't start up any major outdoor projects. If you need to walk the dog, though, do that. Now's the time.

We're dry inside and out. More and more that Fay rain is looking like a hundred-year flood. Or at least a five-year flood.

Raining again. I'm not at all sure our radar today has had much to do with when it's actually raining. The radar has us in the sure clear right now, but I've looked out the window, and I'm pretty sure that's rain. Yeah. That's rain. Official ANYLF Unnamed Subtropical Storm forecast: It's going to rain some more. At times. On occasion. Like now.

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