Sunday, October 12, 2008

Head On.

Paul and Son of Paul are across the street sawing and sparking some piece of the engine of Son of Paul's ruined Honda out and onto the driveway. Paul and Son of Paul spent much of the spring and summer repairing and rebuilding said Honda, testing the engine, putting some bullshit muffler situation on the thing such that it sounded like three or four motorcycles when he cranked it up. Then, on the day -- the very day -- that they finally got that car roadworthy, Son of Paul drove it into a phone pole. Or a light stanchion. I don't know what it was, exactly, but one look at the ruined Honda and you say to yourself, Pole. Or: Stanchion. Or: Statue. Something tall and skinny. They had it towed home and it's been facing pole-side-out all fall, and now they've started in on it again. It's nice to have a project. In blue-tick-beagle news, I gave in and called the city and things are getting slightly, slightly better. I've traded beagle barking for a grinder, but hey.

In Son of Paul's defense, the pole day was also the day of the Fay flooding, so there's every possibility that the disaster was weather-related and not car-as-toy-related.

What a lovely day it was today. I hopped myself up on off-brand Cold & Sinus meds and mowed the grass. Late afternoon, the sun caught La Vieja's maple just right. Or that's not entirely so: Truth be told, the sun caught it right all day long. This was just one of the examples. We're right on the edge of having quite the fall. Soon enough we may have to crank up a See-Your-Breath-Countdown-o-Meter. Can't be more than a couple weeks away, right? Let's go ahead and say fourteen days and counting. That and the Vieja Maple Watch has the staff pretty busy over here at ANYLF. Oh: There's a little storm way the hell out in the Atlantic, too. The economy's in the shitter, friends and fans of weather, but we're hiring.

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