Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Turning Cool.

Were you outside this afternoon? This evening? Did you notice how once we got the last of the front through, we started having October right away, like it was October or something? Me too. I noticed that too.

Dogwoods showing color. Maples starting. Beautiful rain last night. Hat weather tonight. Long sleeves. The dog took us on a long walk, chose the longer route at every turn. I've canceled class this week to finish off this draft of the book. It's October. It rained and turned cool. Almost cold. Impatiens blooming hard and out of season. Mums starting in along the front. The TLK cannas in La Vieja's yard are having one last go at it. We've got spiderwebs everywhere. It's spider weather. There's playoff baseball. It's damn near enough to make a soul get religion. Happy fall, friends and fans of fall. Happy everything.

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