Monday, October 13, 2008

Warm Coming.

We're supposed to see 85 degrees tomorrow and Wednesday, but don't be fooled: They want to give us fall back and then some by the weekend. That whole See-Your-Breathwatch thing might be over sooner than later. In other news, TLK called in on the hotline to report a gentleman driving down Lee Street on a riding mower, towing a trailer holding a mound of clothes, a push mower, and a live dog. If that's not the weather, I don't know what is.

There's noise about Gov. Palin putting in an appearance at J. Crew U. Don't really know what kind of sign to hold up at such a thing as that. Probably one with small, simple words. Maybe we can hold a contest to see which school ought be affronted more: Journalism? Arts & Sciences? Oh, the jokes are too easy, and too sad. I love the possibility that I might have to let my writing class out so they can go see her.

No Vieja Maple update tonight: It's yellow, fiercely so, but it's also in the dark. More tomorrow. OK? OK.

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