Monday, October 6, 2008

Warm Day.

And it might be the last one for a while, though surely not the very last of the season. We're supposed to be cool and then cool and cloudy through the rest of the week. The trees are showing a little color almost everywhere, and even though it's not pyrotechnic fall yet, you can feel that coming. Another set of cool nights might just get us there.

The latest draft of the novel's almost done. Off to NYC with it after today. Time to put my head back into the classroom a little bit, I think, and back into the world, too. Last week, a week spent entirely inside the book, was kind of a lost week, though in a lovely way, in the kind of way that makes me want for that lifestyle instead of this week's, for that version of me instead of this one. Or maybe for a slightly less intense version of that me. I don't know. Let's go with this, for now: More writing. Less academic bullshit. Give me the classroom any day, almost. Give me the rest of it as rarely as possible, please. I may never go to another departmental meeting again. We had one on Friday, and afterwards, I had to send out an email apologizing for my behavior. Though now, with distance, I'm less sorry, or not sorry at all. At one point we tried to vote on the difference between abstaining and not voting. I was going to abstain from that vote.

There's a damn lot that goes on out at J. Crew U. that has very little to do with students.

Dog just back from a run with AMR, and dragging some, panting hard. It's warm out there. Dress accordingly, please. This is it. This is the warm day. The rest of the week is for those of you more like me. Which is nice, I guess. A little something for everybody.

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