Friday, October 10, 2008

No Drought (!).

Either last week -- though the graph was showing us so close to the line that I was afraid to declare it, however temporarily, over -- or this week, we emerged from drought. Part of Guilford County's still in D0 (the scale runs D0-D4), but here in 27408, we're in the clear. For now. The celebration around the ANYLF offices is like this: ([whee.]). Now is not the time for ice cream cakes in the shape of thunderheads. Two dry weeks and we'll be right back on the Drought Monitor along with everybody else. And dry weeks are what have to be coming: It's October, after all. Still, still and still: This whole thing began as drought lament as much as anything. Now what to lament?

No worries. We've got the interns sifting through piles of new and other worries, and one entire set of interns is just waiting to gear back up for when it does stop raining again, so: Have your paper cup of sparkling cider, and get back to work.

Mist and fog. Trees turning everywhere. Just about almost enough rain. Nearly time to pull the impatiens and put the pansies in. Nearly time for about seven different other things. The Vieja Maple continues apace. Dress lightly, friends and fans of between-seasons. It's spring-warm out there— warmer than it looks from your window with your cup of coffee.

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