Saturday, October 18, 2008

Missed Day.

I missed (technically) today's entry, which is a shame, because today (Friday) was damn near raw — not quite there, but still, in the parking lot at Lowe's, I was cold, buying my mini-nuggets, and I'd been all morning in the dirt, planting pansies, pulling impatiens, wishing Paul and Son of Paul hadn't stolen my third yard waste trash can, and happy anyway, because it was genuinely chilly, wet, windy, autumn. Maybe there's a difference between fall and autumn. I don't know. Tomorrow (today?) I drag AMR north and westward, into colder cold, into SW VA, almost against her will save for the promise of lentil soup and the red hooded J. Crew U. sweatshirt that was once mine but is no more in any way at all belonging to me. Sometimes I borrow it. Mainly she wears it. This is how it is. Goddamn and all hell, friends and fans of weather, this is the official weather of ANYLF, a damn cold mist and the danger of frost behind it, plus good news from NYC and the insanity attendant to that. I'm meant to come down off the mountain on Monday at noon to call the Big Apple and chat about some crazy shit. My head don't work so good tonight. It's gray and cold. I'm wearing jeans and flannel and my fleece hat. Randy Newman on the hi-fi. Somebody read the novel and liked it. Four flats of pansies in the ground. One left. Mulching to be done before the breaking towards Fall Break. I said earlier this week that the Vieja Maple wasn't living up to its past selves. Not so. It's everything it's always been. No photo to prove it. I'll just need you to take me at my word. And I don't even need that. I saw it today; I'll see it tomorrow. And, if I can get my shit together in the morning before we blow this peanut stand for a joint with a woodstove, well then, so shall you. Until then, this is ANYLF, reporting live from the library, window cracked open enough to hear what's left of the rain — I'm hoping for a widespread killing weekend frost, or something close to it. Randy Newman's singing Jolly Coppers. Might just be his best song.

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