Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dress.

We've put on our Easter dress here at ANYLF, and we're running the hallways in our sock feet, even though our mom is yelling at us that if we're not careful we'll probably ruin it, that good girls don't run around in their new Easter dresses. And then she's also saying, when she thinks we're out of earshot, Harold, I told you this is what would happen if we let her have that entire chocolate bunny before church.

But there's precious little to do on a day like today except to run the hallways—or, better yet, to go run in the grass, even though we're bound to fall down and get grass stains on our knees. It's crisp out there, and cool, coffee weather for the grownups, a sure and certain springtime. Maybe if we leave them alone, if we don't ask them for much, if we sort of keep to ourselves off to the side over here, they'll let us play.


Luke said...

I like the new digs.

Drew Perry said...

seemed like it was time for some springier colors.

break a leg this week. buy you a beer after.