Monday, April 27, 2009

No Sleep.

The baby's out and gone, the pack-and-play packed-and-played, but there is no sleep for the forecast team here at ANYLF. Our clocks are all bent and damaged. Twelve-hour days more the norm than not this upcoming week out at J. Crew U., though yours truly is damn near giddy at the prospect of a stolen workless Tuesday tomorrow. Might not any of it matter if the resident mockingbird here at 709 -- technically, he's resident on the electric transformer hung off the phone pole out front of 709, or he's resident at the tip top of said phone pole -- won't matter if he doesn't start to calm down by some small measure about his mockingbirdness. He's got announcements, and they begin well before sunrise. Well before. Height of phone pole roughly analogous to height of bedroom window next to the Official 2009 ANYLF SleepCenter.

Does one want a baby? One does, if one thinks to oneself, Do you know what would really brighten this place up? Rice cakes, in small, gummed pieces, everywhere.

ANYLF FastCast for your Monday morning: Hot. Not deeply humid, and so quite livable morning and evening, but that two-o'clock hour has the past few days been something to behold. Big dome of high pressure settled in and holding a storm back well off to our west, and that'll be the norm for the next few days. Temps might moderate a smidge. The ten-day has us back down into the upper seventies by the weekend, perhaps, so what we'll do is bake to cinders the late-blooming white azaleas, just for sport, and then we'll gentle ourselves and aim for normal. Probably will have been better than a full week without rain by the next time we see it. That's not a pattern that makes the garden grow.

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