Monday, April 13, 2009

Rain, Perhaps.

Looks like we can't quite decide what we want the weather to look like—we say rain, but then all we get all day is low cloud cover and that damp air that says it's raining somewhere, just not here. Late evening: decide to mow the lawn, and then it spits on you the whole time, even though none of that shows up on radar. Oh, spring. Long sleeves and a watchcap. Azaleas all up and down the block in full bloom. Here's what I can nearly promise: Sun and warmth by the end of the week. In the meantime: Best to keep all your boots by all the doors. No real way of telling what we might see next.

SPC teased the flu-ridden forecast, lamenting her inability this past week to log on and see what the weather had been like the day before. Here, then, for Mr. And Mrs. America and all the ships at sea: We were gray and chilly all day, with some late-day drizzle, and showers picking up in your evening and overnight hours. This is the Carolina spring. There are other versions, too, but this is one.

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sarah said...

thanks for the updated side dog, by the way. that railing shot is really a gem. and the new spring green background. blinded by the light.
i'd like to donate a sterile toothbrush and a tub of clorox wipes to the future of uninterrupted yester-casts. is there a hotline? are the operators standing by?