Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Storms.

OK, people. We here at ANYLF missed the freeze, or we partially missed it—I have a fever dream of wrapping AMR's peonies with a Barbie blanket, and as much, friends and fans of euphemism, as I'd like for that to be one, conditions have not allowed—but we are back, the entirety of the crackerjack FirstCast Forecast Team, The One You Know You Can Trust. We are all of us back from the flu, or mostly so. There is a lingering cough. There is also, ah this:

Thanks, Weather Underground. Thanks also weather itself (located here for the sane among you, and here for the jackshit crazies) for giving us such a fine day to come back to. I sadly end-of-flu-slept through what looks like it was one hell of a porch morning, but there will be others, presumably, unless we are wiped clean from the face of the earth not by the first round, the round that's bearing down now on The Wilkesboros, as the local fancies like to say, but by what could be a second round, way back there in Nashville. For those of you scoring at home, ANYLF Global Firstcast Headquarters is located approximately one-and-one-half frozen peas west of Raleigh on the above map, unless you click on it, in which case let's say a dime.

This will be our first storm here at 709. How to know where to look: Walk to the kitchen window, lean forward, peer to the right. Better: Step out to the back porch and stand there with your cup of coffee and see if you've rid enough of the flu to smell it coming.

'Tis the season, I reckon. The newsies have it that they took it on the chin in Arkansas last night. Time to start keeping a slightly closer eye on the sky out there, everybody. Good luck in Arkansas, good luck in Nashville, in The Wilkesboros, in all the 274XXs, and everywhere else in the Forecast Area. It's April. It has been for several days. This is what that means.

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