Sunday, April 19, 2009

Maybe Overnight?

I guess the WeatherDeck actually got wet sometime late this afternoon, but I'm not sure that this counts as real rain, and I know it doesn't count as storms. There is a little something trailing back off to our west, but it's still by and large in Alabama, so: We'll say a rumble of thunder overnight might not be the single most surprising thing you've ever heard, but don't bet heavy on it, either. If you've got new plants in the ground, you may yet have to water this week. If you didn't water last week and damn near killed your potted pansies, well, that's OK, too: We're coming up on May, people. It may be time to change those things out.

Azaleas in full show all over here in 27401, and everywhere else in the nearby ANYLF metro area. We're right genteel up on the Piedmont these days. Birds everywhere, everywhere, and carpenter bees, too. Busy time of year. Late April. How lovely. Now if I could just get out from under the weight of the sacks of exams, of the hundreds of pages of Moby-Dick I've assigned. I am in all relevant weather-related ways right now a complete and utter fool. Other ways, too, I bet.

Eighties coming late week. Sixties before that. A little something for everyone. We here at the forecast aim to please.

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