Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heal Thyself.

Oh, friends and fans of the semi-mild flu, save yourselves. Or just take a lot of Day and Nyquil. Dosage information? We don't need no stinking dosage information. Just make it stop.

And it may be all the acetaminophen (try to spell that without your store-brand day-time sinus congestion & pain box nearby) coursing through what remains of my veins, but I'm feeling better, well enough, anyway, to make some kind of attempt at the forecast here: It's so damn beautiful out there I cannot even take it. It's so beautiful that I think I'm feeling better. I's homicidally beautiful out there. And the azaleas, they come on, and the dogwoods, they survived FreezeFest '09.

We're pushing the upper sixties out there, and the windows-down ride back home on US 70 shows even the oaks starting to do something, bloom, I imagine, since it's a little too soon for leaves. Soon the maple whirligigs. Soon the baby birds. Soon the weekly mowing, though judging from the conditions here at 709, we may have already passed that point.

A little something dropping in tomorrow night, and marginally cooler behind that. But, but and but: this here may just turn out to be flu-curing weather. I was down and down until that truck ride home.

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