Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Both Seasons.

Much more, friends and fans of weather, tomorrow, when such things as plans and pictures can be sorted. AMR and I decamped the premises (27408) for Grayson Highlands (24363) for a couple of days under the following theory: if it's going to be winter, it might as well be winter. KFW reports snow here in 27408 sometime in the intervening period, which I'm pretty damn sorry to have missed, but I can happily report buckets of flurries Monday night in 24363, enough to accumulate a little bit; in other news, Ron Cooper, he of the rented-by-us Cabin on the Ridge, reasonable rates, reported this morning that yesterday morning featured a low of 16 degrees down by his house, well downridge from Cabin on the Ridge. They're in a frosthole, he explained. We were not 16 degrees uphill, but we were cold. Delightfully so.

Back down out of Grayson this morning and south and east through Sparta and Yadkin and again into spring. Just a quick day and a half in the mountains. Back down in the flat now, where things by and large are green. So warm this afternoon we lost our heads and decided to mow the lawn and put hot dogs on the grill. Which is where we are now. More spring tomorrow.

For our more visual learners:

Grayson, above. Greensboro, below.

Had our first azalea open up while we were gone. Hey, spring and winter both. Hey, 27408. Good to go away, good to come back home.

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