Saturday, March 29, 2008

Busted Forecast.

This — this set-in kind of weekend-long rain — was not in the cards. My understanding was that we were supposed to get showers and maybe a few storms yesterday, followed by a much cooler sunny day today. But we'll take this over here at ANYLF. If it rains a little more today, a little more tomorrow — if the QPF can be believed — we may make our monthly average. I'll give us a quarter-inch so far for today, which carries the monthly total to within a little less than a half-inch of what we'll need. This is exciting stuff. If ANYLF had a ticker to run across the bottom of the screen, that's what it would be about. That and, um, the tree, which has, I'm fairly sure, passed the halfway point, blooming-wise.

It's cold here. It's gray. It'll be colder and grayer tomorrow. Both. Maybe more than all else weather, I love the rain.

Finally, in Please Step Away From The Camera, Sir news, we're probably going to have to get an intern to take this thing away from me.

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