Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sky Blue.

We picked up a second half-inch very early morning and it is now 62 degrees, as warm as it will be all day — we're headed for 26 degrees overnight. There appears to be snow as far south as Auburn, Alabama. I don't think any of that's going to make it here, but that's a big, big storm out there. Our wind has to be 20 mph steady. They want to give us gusts to 45 mph. Kids, this is going to be a pretty big day for your ANYLF coloring books. You're going to want the box of 64. The 16 is just not going to cut it. You're going to want Burnt Sienna. You're going to want both Blue-Green and Green-Blue. Turn to the "Intensifying Low Pressure in the Mid-Atlantic" section, and remember: stay within the lines, please. This is serious business. No coloring Jesus' beard Periwinkle. Or Blue-Violet.

We're sunny and windy and warm and every damn daffodil I've got is in fierce bloom, and since I spent all day yesterday finding ways to half-assedly bitch about weather we were or weren't having, and since I also spent all day yesterday sprinting between increasingly unfortunate, increasingly torpor-ridden meetings, I'm going to sign off for now, throw it back to you in the studio for a look at the national map, for the fancier storm totals. We got ours, it turns out. It wasn't the 18" of snow they picked up in Fox, Arkansas, but it was two different sorts of rain and a heavy, heavy late-night fog and, finally, a windy squall this morning that very nearly salvaged the old QPF. What I can tell you, people, is that this is not a good day to rake. Maybe also not so much with the being up on ladders out-of-doors. It's too windy. Leave all that for tomorrow. Today is a day for other tasks. Another cup of coffee. A walk around the yard. A planning period.

We just had a gust of wind all but blow the cat in off the screen porch. He looks confused. I would be, too.

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