Friday, March 28, 2008

Classic Rock.

It turns out the weather comes every day.

Something's up with me lately, I think, something having to do with the large versus the small, and in terms of mental health, the small is often enough winning out. Current interests: The endless post-gaming of Tuesday night's poorly roasted potatoes; Phil next door cutting a 12"-by-12" hole in each end of an ancient fuel oil tank so DW Griffin Salvage will take the thing off his hands and thus somehow save him $150; things that bloom. I am a little too interested in things that bloom. Or bud. Or seed. We're all of us having spring. I myself am having it flower by flower.

There are big things out there: The novel, whatever comes after the novel, the university. Rest-of-one's-life kind of things. So I'm remedying all that by taking too-precious-by-half photographs of maple seeds. Whirlygigs, we called them growing up.

The new neighbor across the street — not Blue-Tick-Beagle Paul, but the other one, the one who sold Phil a nearly-brand-new Caddy (and as such, Phil is now tucking his shirt in when he leaves the house to drive that cream-colored bad boy), is at work on a kind of stem-to-stern reno of a house nearly identical to mine. New gutters. New floors. Today (he's a fancyass car dealer, brings a different awesomely rad car home every day) he's got a big Republican-white Beamer backed up to the front door, and he's blasting 92.3 The Wolf into the living room. You can look inside another world. You can talk to a pretty girl. She's everything you dream about. But don't fall in love. She's a beauty. She's one in a million girls. One in a million girls! Why would I lie? Now why would I lie?

When I was in high school, all I listened to was Z-93 and 96 Rock. When Layla would come on, my friend Chris Adams and I — he drove the same way home from school that I did — would pull over into some neighborhood and get out and stand by our cars with the windows rolled down and listen to Layla. I beg you darlin' please.

The weather, the weather, the weather. In today's forecast, we're looking for sunshine and maybe a few clouds, with a high right around eighty degrees. And folks, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a few pop-up thunderstorms this afternoon. It's almost a summertime pattern out there. We'll look for a low tonight in the upper forties, and there's a big cooldown coming for your weekend. Keep it tuned right here for the latest on that, and coming up at six, our picture of the week.

I suppose I could collect my books and get on back to school. You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long, but then one thing leads to another. It's a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford.

We are, ah, in the middle of a rock block. For all I know, we may also be in the middle of a no-repeat work week. But we've covered this: for all I know, I do not know.

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