Friday, March 14, 2008

New Bees.

Today, during outside office hours, there were new bees. And wasps. As in, last week, and the week before, there were not bees. Or wasps. And now there are.

Hey, deeply fascinating info about wasps and bees.

Another surpassingly springlike day. A college brochure day. A day for college boys to go up onto the roofs and drink beer and sit in lawn chairs and play some of that rock and roll music on their hi-fis. Which they were doing. I was on my way to a meeting. Walking. They were up there doing that. Back down on the ground, there was also much throwing of balls and frisbees on the lawn. Shorts and short skirts. Everybody exceedingly fit, those fuckers. I did not so much have a crush on the entire student body today as the fact that I just wanted desperately to be them, to be twenty again, for a day. That was what kind of day it was out there, people. If you held one eye right and didn't catch a glimpse of yourself in the storefront windows, you forgot you weren't twenty. Then your knees hurt and you remembered you hadn't paid the mortgage yet, and, well. But.

Back here in dumbass grownup land, the tree watch continues. It's blooming up top a little bit. Showing color everywhere. We survived the first round: no storms today. But they're pretty much promising storms tomorrow. And those Sunday night temps are still looking frosty.

All that sun. Brand spanking new bees. Storms riding in. Oh, youth and beauty.

(Also, I definitely saw a young red-tailed hawk try to catch/eat a squirrel. Beautiful bird. I couldn't tell which to cheer for. The squirrel got away fine.)

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