Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Storms Again.

Stormy out there. Or pre-stormy. There's a pretty serious line — a swath, really, a shield — of showers pulling through Alabama and Tennessee and into Georgia on its way, surely, towards us. The mountains may break up some of that, but this storm looks big, another in a succession of big March lows that threaten, friends and fans of weather, to pull us even further away from our little experiment in deep and abiding drought. This thing put down thirteen inches of rain in Missouri. We may get as much as an inch.

It smells like storm, like spring. The forsythia are blooming, and some of the fruit trees, and the Japanese magnolias, and even a white azalea over on the side of one of the dorms here at 27244. It sits next to the HVAC unit and up against a wall that takes a good shot of afternoon sun, so it's early, but still. They're cutting the lawns here today, and so there is the sweet film of that riding out over the top of everything. I may at some point have to cut my own lawn back in 27408. My roses have leafed out. The hydrangea is starting in. The humidity is way up. The breeze is warm. Today is the kind of gray that somehow makes things seem greener.

I am slowly, slowly starting to feel like we might be about ready for this. Like we may finally have reached the point where we've earned it.

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