Monday, March 31, 2008

Historically Average.

We made it, we made it, we made it, we made it. If you live elsewhere — if you live outside our Plagues of Egypt drought — then you maybe don't get so excited over a last-day-of-the-month soaker like we got treated to today. Cover the kids' ears: It is still fucking raining. Give or take, it's been raining since Friday. I remember this used to happen. Before. I remember this. But who cares who remembers what? Here's tonight's top story: We have exceeded, by a smidge, our monthly historical average. We missed in January by two inches. Over twelve months we're something like fifteen or twenty inches down. But we had March, friends and fans of weather. It rained this month. Remember?

And it was a beautiful rain, like a chilly version of the edge of a tropical storm, periods of serious rain and periods of drizzle. And from that kind of a direction, too, little bursts of energy up out of the south and, give or take, from the Atlantic. A gift. A strangeness visited upon the land. Now, people. Now is the time for the fatted calf.

Oh: Yesterday was the Presidential Opener. I had it half wrong. It was Opening Day yesterday, but today, beautifully, is Opening Day, too. Right now the Los Angeleses are visiting the Minnesotas on my TV. My grandmother refers to sports teams that way. The Dallases. Last night the Atlantas got their hearts broken. Walk-off home run. But today it rained. All day. Almost half an inch. Tomorrow we start the monthly count all over again. We're still mired in a pretty good and serious and true drought. Not nearly enough has changed. But in one small way, we made it. We made it, we made it, we made it. And it is still raining.

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