Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Breaking Weather.

It's getting ready to rain—again—and even though I feel like I remember when we used to have weather like this, when give or take any summer afternoon could deliver a storm, it's been years since it's been this good. The ten-day shows signs of us drying out a little. Here's hoping that's not so.

Good line of storms working its way across the ANYLF viewing area over the next hour or so, and then what looks like a second line trying to put itself together behind that. Getting dark out there. The porch light's come on. The wind's picking up. The dog's not entirely nervous yet, but if yesterday's little event gave us four tenths, then I'm going to say that what's coming looks like at least a half an inch. At least.

I love that the cicadas crank up right before a storm.

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