Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rain Check.

How it is that it's not raining right now I'm not sure, but we've all day had the low, squeezed-out gray that means it's raining somewhere and soon enough will be here. Wet and warm out there, with relative humidity levels somewhere near what they are inside of my shower, while I'm showering. Big storms down east. Little ones peppered all over the rest of the state. It'll rain. It absolutely will. If you still need to pull the morning glories out of the tomatoes, now's a good time.

The city shot off the fireworks last night, even though we picked up a nice little soaking storm right around dusk. Generally, rain will cancel the fireworks. Nice yesterday to get both.

Chance of rain every day as far out as any of the forecasts I can find cares to look. Chance of heavy rain today and tomorrow. Very gray out there. I love a gray summer day. It feels out of season, out of order. It feels like something found, like five dollars in your pocket, like the lost good keys to the car.

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