Sunday, July 27, 2008

Could Be.

Back home and storms firing off to our east, out towards 27244 and 27215, each, no offense, friends and fans of weather, places I'm trying to keep for now far from my own radar. Home from the beach in years past meant nearly the end of summer. The beach a week early this year coupled with what seems an oddly late start to the 0809 out in 27244 leaves us now damn near another thirty days without having to think any thoughts pedagogical or political. Or animal or mineral. I am the very model of a modern meteorological.

Things look dry but alive around these parts, look like we had what we had, which was, if the internets were correct down there in 32080, a string of days in the nineties and not much rain. More of the same to come early week, though we do have a little hope looming out there in that old standby, the QPF:

That x that wants to give out two and a half inches of rain sits not too far from the WeatherDeck, and, yeah, it'll all change by Tuesday, but let a kid dream, OK? We pick up that amount and we pick up another month where we make our average, and if that keeps happening I'm going to have to recalibrate basically even the way I get out of bed in the morning, which is to say, we've been in drought so long that I don't trust anybody anymore, not the local fancies, not the national fancies, not even the ANYLF rain gauge, twice resited this summer. But if we pick up a fifth consecutive month of average or above-average rainfall, why then, friendlies, to steal from my friend KFW, I just don't know what might happen.

A week half-away from this enterprise leaves ample time to wonder about the importance of weather local to the Gate City. The storms are a little more tricked out down FL way. Lightning hits the beach and the lifeguard truck comes rolling by with advice about safety and prudence. Lightning tends not to hit so close by here, and when it does, nobody really has anything to say about it. They've got something like Barry Hannah's vista down there on the beach, with their Montana-big sky. Here we're blocked by pine trees. Still, weatherheads, I say there's something in it. Nice to vacation. Nice to come back to work. More on the forecast, local and otherwise, tomorrow in this same spot. Keep it tuned here for what cannot possibly be the very latest, but what could, to steal now from my friend Big Science, gone and moved to VA while we were away, be something.

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