Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tiny Storm.

We did, late in the evening, pick up that tiny storm out of almost the due north. We got three tenths, which didn't quite make up for this afternoon's 27408 one-tenth sadness, but does indeed count for a wee something. A lovely little late rain. The dog is pain-killer-damaged, but is, underneath that wall-eyed haze, surely herself. Let's count July a qualified success on the whole, then, shall we? Shortfall and all? The dog couldn't get herself into the car post-op, but she can now, a few hours later, get herself up and down from the sofa. Not sure I can say much more for myself, so let's all score all that in the 'for' column. That's a wrap for July, then, here at ANYLF. See you next month, FAFOW.

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