Thursday, July 31, 2008

Morning Glory.

The showers are setting up early out there this morning, friends and fans of weather, but in the same place and from the same direction as the last few days, wherein we continued to bake off to dust. The difference, perhaps: The other lines rolling down out of the mountains got here just as the heat of the day was giving out, and these might get here just as it's setting in, so: ANYLF is going to land in the place where we're willing to say that it is, in fact, finally going to rain, and that if we're fortunate we may see as much as half an inch. If something pretty happens, we could of course see much more than that, but the best guess is that our lucky run of months with the correct or even bonus amounts of rainfall comes to an end here in high summer. The drought abates, but continues. And here, of course, comes August. I know I keep mentioning that, but it still keeps coming.

The morning glories are in happy bloom and the dog is at the vet for anesthetized oral surgery and storms may be building in and it's hot in a kind of demonstrational sort of way and the novel some moments is ready and at other moments is surely not and school's looming out there like some kind of job I'm supposed to be able to do and the novel's looming right here in mainly the same kind of way and geese just flew over the shed at really the wrong time of both day and season and I haven't had enough coffee but already the sort of coffee half-nausea is setting in and if you catch me here this morning in one moment all is surely fine with the world and if you catch me right after that I remember the dog is in some cage waiting for them to cut her molar into three pieces and remove them each and all and so I guess what I'm saying is that really we could use a little rain.

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