Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last Last.

Ryder trucks and Hertz trucks and U-Haul trucks all out today, the first day of the month. And a good moving day: we haven't even hit 80 degrees yet. July 1st and we hold in the 70s. This on the backside of all that rain. Almost enough to make somebody want to help somebody carry a sofa. Back up in the nineties by the end of the week. Afternoon thunderstorms by the weekend. Y'all better get outside and enjoy this weather while it's here. Sit out on your porches tonight. Go to a ballgame. It's summer. It's July. It's the last last cool night.

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kringelberg said...

so here's the thing: we had the same experience you were having--rain literally all around us, none at this particular block of 27302 for too long. sadness. attempts to use brown water on the potted ones. then--who knew?--aaw gets a day off the grind. we head to the beach like the hybrid's on fire. weather report for 27302: hot hot heat. weather report for carolina beach: rain, rain, more rain. what really happens? your apocalyptic 3 inches hit the homestead, spreading joy to all the new bushes, whilst at the beach, we toast up perfectly under summer blue and sun. winds roll in to make a great surf for tossing in and some interesting mojitos on the pier--but that's all. heaven. love the late june-early july weather.