Friday, July 4, 2008

Grilled Corn.

Happy Fourth of July out there, friends and fans of weather, and of throwing off the yoke of taxation without representation. You'll note a few storms starting to light the radar to our west, which is only and exactly as it should be. Certain truths are self evident over there in 27403: there will be, as there has always, always been, a pretty solid chance of rain on Carr Street on the Fourth. We're upping yesterday's ANYLF storm likelihood to 65%. Caveat: likelihood of hearing thunder but seeing no actual rainfall: same number.

TLK and I will be parking the pickups tailgate to tailgate and enjoying a bit of can beer and a lawn chair or two and a baby pool up there in the beds of the trucks. As well, and as per tradition, the ANYLF contribution to the festivities is grilled corn, which works approximately as follows:

Soak, husks and all, twentyish ears of corn in water for the better part of half an hour or forty-five minutes. Cook over low coals, husks and all, for the better part of forty-five minutes to an hour. Rotate stacks top to bottom once or twice.

Y'all go on out to your own parties now, light up the grills, listen to some Lee Greenwood, some John Philip Sousa. Get a good spot picked out to watch the fireworks. Take an umbrella, just in case. Hey, representational democracy. Hey, rockets' red glare. Play ball.

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