Thursday, December 18, 2008

Egg Nog.

It has been a time, it seems like, since we have seen the sun. Today's overcast was more like smoke than cloud, or like you could almost just take a corner of your shirt and wipe everything clear again. No such luck. Cool and damp white-gray out there before sunset. Cool and damp and dark now. The short days, as much as I've always liked them, are starting to snag at me some.

Head back in the book today, if briefly, and even that small moment feels better. Christmas out there on the near horizon, though, and that feels like one too many things. But old acquaintance TLK calls from dry land with an invitation for egg nog this evening, and the TLK egg nog is frankly something to behold, a kind of Christmas miracle in its own soused right, so let's us raise a cup of cheer to a holiday season I almost forgot to see coming, or still can't quite see. Maybe the nog will rub things clean, or cleaner. We'll drink a cup of kindness yet. We will.

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