Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Precipitating Fog.

At least that's what the crack team here at ANYLF is calling whatever it is that we've been getting since well before dawn. I don't even know if we've really seen anything measurable since about noon -- when I dumped a quarter-inch out of the rain gauge from all of yesterday's spitting -- but the streets are wet, and the porch was wet when I took out just now, sprinting past yet one more agent: here's hoping, friends and fans of home ownership, and, why not, of precipitating fog.

I'm going to have to propose a moratorium on all Xmas music recorded post-1970 by any star of any caliber, save for John Lennon's 'Happy Christmas (War Is Over),' and that one only once a day. Or we could do it like parking in Boston: Alternate side parking, even days of the week. Something like that. In other Fascinating Things About Boston News, in Boston, people will shovel out a parking space and mark it with a trash can, a traffic cone, a lawn chair. Exceedingly bad form to park in a space somebody else has shoveled and claimed. In other Exceedingly Bad Form News, I'm afraid we can't even have any other Beatles any more: no 'Wonderful Christmas Time' under any circumstance, please.

I've been in a lot of caffeinated-beverage shops of late. 'Tis not the season to hear the chain coffee radio Xmas loop.

Here: I'll make a lone exception: Let it snow, and you can play whatever you like.

For now, in the fog, John Lennon, please, and only very, very judiciously.

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