Monday, December 8, 2008

Rain Coming.

That's the five-day QPF. Even if they've got it a little wrong, it does seem as though the new pansies — I know it's late, too late, even, but I needed some kind of return to something on Sunday — will get good and watered in. So will, it seems, everything else. The rusting truck. The piles of leaves. The cat (or roving raccoon) that/who threw up pink and red and yellow cat food on our front porch overnight. Hell of a way to walk out the door this morning. We tried not to take it as a sign.

Some of the fancies have thunder in the forecast. Now that's winter the way I remember it. Enough of this bone damn cold, OK? Except: Oh, I take it back already. I like the warmish rain. I do. But I also still like, cold as I am, that we're having the correct seasons at the correct time. Already looking forward to tomorrow's coffee. Already looking forward to the four more shirts I'll need to wear tomorrow.

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